Who I am

So here I am, ready to share what I know and have experienced over the years with the rest of you food, lifestyle, and happiness enthusiasts out there.

Who am I you ask.

I am a twenty-something year old, veggie lover, coffee drinker, book worm, and dog mom living in Australia’s Capital Territory.

New York 2014. Photo: @zees.grams

I like food adventures, sweaty exercise regimes, outdoor activities, frosty mornings, cooking shows, nights in with my Netflix account, and meeting new canine friends.

I live with a guy named Zee and a small dashie x silky called Flash. They are my partners in crime.

Flash the dashie. Photo: @zees.grams

Like millions of other people living in a non-stop society, I suffer from anxiety and bursts of panic (among many other heath conditions). This is a part of myself that I am continually working to control.

I eat lots of veggies and wholefoods and I love it.

I continuously hunt for spaces filled with yummy food and everyday seek to nourish my body with nutrition and flavour.

Rhodes, Sydney

I always opt to buy/use cruelty-free products and surround myself with things that make me happy, no matter the opinion of others.

When I first decided to change my lifestyle and diet, I struggled a lot because I didn’t have a support network. There was nobody to talk or turn to when I had pressing questions about what I am putting in my body.

I had to do all the research myself and build walls that deflected all the negative energy and criticisms that came about when I told people about my choice to stop eating animal products.

I therefore have many stories  to share that might in some way help all of you in one way or another.

If nothing else, I hope these entries make you laugh at the smaller things in life that are always uncontrollable but keep things exciting.

To sum up, I am Bee and this blog contains musings of my life as a veggie loving,  happiness enthusiast.

Enjoy 🙂

with love

*All photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

I love hearing your stories so please share them by commenting below.