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Father’s Day

Ever since moving to the capital, Zee and I have missed a number of special occasions with family, particularly Mother’s and Father’s Day. Last year we didn’t do anything about it really. I mean we picked up the phone and called our parents to wish them well on their special day, but we missed out on the family dinners and barbecues that usually accompany these occasions.

But just because we are not with our loved ones on these special occasions doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate nonetheless. I know it sounds crazy but think about the point of these special days.

For all those people who year after year find Mother’s and Father’s Day hard to deal with because they may have lost a parent, what are they supposed to do? It’s like society really presses that Father’s Day has to be celebrated with your dad, but in hindsight it’s just another day to celebrate someone special in your life.

So, rather than avoiding any kind of celebration on Father’s Day because our dads live in another city, we decided to join in!

Sunday started with a wonderful breakfast to celebrate this special day which later led to a phone call to both our dad’s.

Pancakes for Father’s Day

Suddenly we didn’t feel so far away from the family gatherings, but rather found a way to be part of it in a different way.

If you really think about it, the same thing can be done for other occasions like Valentine’s Day. My single friends dread Valentine’s Day every year, and because Zee and I never really do anything special that day, my friends become moody.

“You have someone special and you don’t even want to celebrate!”

But isn’t Valentine’s Day about love?

Technically, anyone can go out and celebrate love. You don’t need to be in a relationship. I mean, I spend everyday with Zee and every day is special.  This means that for something like Valentine’s Day, I would rather like to celebrate love with my sister, or my parents, or in-laws, or friends.

There aren’t a set of rules around these special occasions meaning we make make of them what we will. Use these occasions as a way to show love in any way possible. Father’s Day can celebrate men generally and Mother’s Day women.

Even if it’s based on Mother and Father figures in your life.

The best men in my life.

It’s time we stop abiding by rules that don’t even exist and start making these occasions our own.

So happy Father’s Day to everyone out there who is celebrating that strong supportive person in their life.

with love

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Why are you moving there?

When I first told people that I was moving to Canberra, the most common response was ‘why there?’

Mind you this response came from people who either haven’t been to Canberra in over ten years, or at all for that matter.

But, sadly, I took their comments personally.

Everybody else (except me) seemed to know something ‘boring’ about the capital. I received comments such as ‘but there is nothing to do there’ and ‘you’ll get bored so quickly’ and ‘where will you go out?’

My favourite was ‘you’ll be back so quickly!’

At first, I doubted my decision to move from a big busy city where I had friends and family and built a solid life. Especially when it was about moving to an area that apparently was a ghost town.  I would spend a ridiculous amount of time defending my decision to move saying things like, ‘Oh we just want to try something new?’ and ‘we want to get away from the hustle and the bustle of the city’.

National Arboretum Canberra (2017)

And although these were true, I just really wanted to start fresh in a place that I could make my own. In Gretchen Reuben’s Better Than Before, Gretchen reminds us that habit change can be easier with a big event such as moving. This is because such events are enveloped by change and therefore provide opportunities to eliminate bad habits and establish new, better ones.

But I did start to get scared before I moved. What if the things people were saying were true and I would get bored?

I can report that two years later, my partner Zee and I are still living in Canberra and loving it.

Chai at Pick Up Stix (2017)


From day 1 I started researching everything this city had to offer. From culture and festivals, to food and bars. I am still amazed at the number of events happening around town each week. So far, we have attended film a great number of screenings, browsed at every market that we could get to, walked to the heights of the surrounding mountains, even adopted a little puppy named Flash (who is now 1).

The adventure is never ending.

Lego Exhibition at the Hellenic Club (2017)
Honky Tonks (2018)
IMG_3610 2
Walking Lake Ginninderra (2018)

My favourite thing about Canberra though is the openness to  food. The variety of delicious veggie options is unbelievable big. Bigger than I had ever experience and I stopped eating meat over five years ago!

Every day I discover a new place to go, indulge, and learn a little something new about what is on my plate and what I am putting in my body.

From what Canberrans recommend to the accounts I follow on my phone, I am taking Canberra by storm, one bite at a time! Yes, I said it!

Vegan Fish Basket at The Fish Shack

The best part is that I get to share all my experiences with you right here on Hashtag Happiness!

So stay tuned because there is a multitude of yummy-ness coming your way.

Over and out.

with love


Who I am

So here I am, ready to share what I know and have experienced over the years with the rest of you food, lifestyle, and happiness enthusiasts out there.

Who am I you ask.

I am a twenty-something year old, veggie lover, coffee drinker, book worm, and dog mom living in Australia’s Capital Territory.

New York 2014. Photo: @zees.grams

I like food adventures, sweaty exercise regimes, outdoor activities, frosty mornings, cooking shows, nights in with my Netflix account, and meeting new canine friends.

I live with a guy named Zee and a small dashie x silky called Flash. They are my partners in crime.

Flash the dashie. Photo: @zees.grams

Like millions of other people living in a non-stop society, I suffer from anxiety and bursts of panic (among many other heath conditions). This is a part of myself that I am continually working to control.

I eat lots of veggies and wholefoods and I love it.

I continuously hunt for spaces filled with yummy food and everyday seek to nourish my body with nutrition and flavour.

Rhodes, Sydney

I always opt to buy/use cruelty-free products and surround myself with things that make me happy, no matter the opinion of others.

When I first decided to change my lifestyle and diet, I struggled a lot because I didn’t have a support network. There was nobody to talk or turn to when I had pressing questions about what I am putting in my body.

I had to do all the research myself and build walls that deflected all the negative energy and criticisms that came about when I told people about my choice to stop eating animal products.

I therefore have many stories  to share that might in some way help all of you in one way or another.

If nothing else, I hope these entries make you laugh at the smaller things in life that are always uncontrollable but keep things exciting.

To sum up, I am Bee and this blog contains musings of my life as a veggie loving,  happiness enthusiast.

Enjoy 🙂

with love

*All photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

I love hearing your stories so please share them by commenting below.